Top 5 Quantity Surveying Universities (BSc) | 2023 Edition

Top 5 QS Universities 2023

One of the most common ways to pursue a career in quantity surveying is by studying and obtaining a degree at university. Now, we understand that many of you here have either finished your studies or are currently entangled in them. Hopefully, you are a little less entangled with the help of our videos.

But if you would like to attend university and are unsure which ones are the best for quantity surveying, look no further. In this post, we’ll be looking at the UK’s top 5 Quantity Surveying universities based on metrics from the Complete University Guide. They gather information such as student satisfaction, research quality, entry standards, and graduate prospects.

How are the universities ranked?

Student satisfaction is measured by an anonymous submission based on the quality of teaching the students receive. Research quality is a measure of the quality of research undertaken by the university. Entry standards is the average UCAS tariff score of new students entering the university, and graduate prospects are a measurement of the percentage of students who successfully obtain a job after leaving university.

This video will be a comparison to our 2021 video

5. Aston University, Birmingham

Rising from Number 8 to Number 5: Aston University, Birmingham

– Quantity Surveying BSc

– Ranked 41st in the university league table

– Entry Standards: 83%

– Student satisfaction: 85%

– Research quality: 70%

– Graduates prospects: n.a

– Overall mark: 79%

4. Nottingham Trent University

Up from Number 7 to Number 4: Nottingham Trent University

– Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management BSc (Hons)

– Course duration: Four years, including one year work placement or 3 years full time.

– This course is accredited by RICS, CIOB, CABE and BQSM

– Ranked 42nd in the university league table

– Entry Standard : 75%

– Student satisfaction: 80%

– Research quality: 76%

– Graduates prospects: 88%

– Overall mark: 80%

3. Northumbria University, Newcastle

Moving from Number 9 to Number 3: Northumbria University, Newcastle

– Quantity Surveying BSc (Hons)

– Course duration: Three years full-time

– This course is accredited by RICS

– Ranked 36th in the university league table

– Entry Standards: 88%

– Student satisfaction: 79%

– Research quality: 70%

– Research prospects: 88%

– Overall mark: 81%

2. University of Reading

Moving up Number 3 to Number 2: University of Reading

– BSc Quantity Surveying

– Course duration: Four years with a placement year or three years full-time

– The courses are accredited by RICS and CIOB

– Ranked 34th in the university league table

– Entry Standards: 79%

– Student satisfaction: 75%

– Research quality: 84%

– Graduate Prospects: 98%

– Overall mark: 84%

1. Loughborough University

Retaining Number 1: Loughborough University

– BSc Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying

– Course duration: Three years full-time or four years with a placement year

– This course is accredited by RICS and CICES

– Ranked 7th in the university league table

– Entry Standards: 91%

– Student satisfaction: 67%

– Research quality: 90%

– Graduates prospects: 96%

– Overall mark: 86%

Who’s dropped out of the top 5 this year?

Dropping out of the top 5 this year are;

Heriot-Watt University dropping from rank 2 to rank 6, Ulster University dropping from rank 4 to rank 9 and Oxford Brookes University dropping from rank 5 to rank 7.

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