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What is Metroun Learning?

Metroun Learning is a revolutionary platform that maximises the knowledge and skillset of Quantity Surveying professionals.

We provide concise, easy-to-understand, information-packed courses (updated every month) that can fit into any busy workday, as well as AI assistance, the QS dictionary, and conversion calculators.

How will it help you?

Fortunately for you, we’ve detailed how we can support you as a individual, educator, or business in the section below.

All you need to do is scroll down to the “Who will benefit from using Metroun Learning?” section.

How much will it cost?

Very simply, Metroun Learning will cost £179.99 per year. That’s only £3.46 per week!

This will give you access to 30+ hours of CPD, AI assistance, conversion calculators, the QS dictionary and an array of industry-ready templates.

What will you get with Metroun Learning?

Who will benefit from using Metroun Learning?

How will Metroun Learning benefit me as an Individual?

How will Metroun Learning benefit me as an Educator?

How will Metroun Learning benefit me as a Business?

Simple and easy to use interface

Our platform has been designed with a user-centric approach, keeping things simple and straightforward. We understand the value of clarity and have removed all the unnecessary jargon and clutter, resulting in an easy-to-use platform that helps our users find exactly what they need. 

Each topic is covered in a concise and easily understandable video, accompanied by an assessment that enables users to confirm their newly acquired knowledge. Additionally, we provide templates that users can take into the workplace, further enhancing their learning experience.

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Rewards & Developments

At Metroun Learning, we believe that education should not only be informative but also engaging and fun. Our innovative approach incorporates gamification and instant certificates, ensuring that our users are motivated and excited to learn. 

We understand that time is a valuable commodity, which is why our coherent system is designed to maximize knowledge retention in the most efficient manner possible. We achieve this by simplifying complex topics, making learning both easy and enjoyable.

Why was Metroun Learning created?

As experienced Quantity Surveyors, we noticed a flaw in the system for educating construction professionals. The traditional approach involved costly individual trainers holding tedious 8-hour lectures in meeting rooms, which we found to be inefficient and a waste of both time and money for ourselves and our companies. Such sessions were often uneventful, with participants retaining only a small fraction of the information provided, leaving them feeling lethargic and frustrated.

After experiencing this first-hand, we knew that a change was necessary. Our unique approach to training has since helped over 17,000 construction professionals expand and retain knowledge over the past three years, resulting in job acquisition, chartership, and countless hours saved for businesses and educational providers.

We firmly believe that providing top-quality education should not come at a high cost or consume excessive amounts of time. This belief is shared by thousands of Quantity Surveyors, business leaders, and educational institutions who have benefited from our innovative practice.

We believe Metroun Learning is the solution

What topics will you expect to find?

How Does Metroun Learning Compare?

Metroun Learning

£ 179
  • 100+ Lectures
  • Re-Watch
  • Metroun AI, QS Dictionary, Commercial Templates, Conversion Calculators
£ 179


£ 800 /day
  • 1 Lecture
  • Can't Re-Watch
  • No Additional Services
£ 800 /day


£ 200 /course
  • 1 Lecture
  • Re-Watch
  • No Additional Services
£ 200 /course

Helping over 20,000 Quantity Surveying and Construction Professionals