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There is a problem with how QS's currently get trained in businesses

As Quantity Surveyors ourselves, we noticed that there are only 2 ways to educate and train QS’s. Both waste businesses time and their money. 


One option is to sit your team of Quantity Surveyors in a room for 8 hours and allow a professional to lecture them. This results in the team feeling deflated, tired and demotivated as its impossible to retain all 8 hours of knowledge. Not only that, as a business owner or director, you’ve lost a whole days work from your team of QS’s. And it’ll set you back a bit too. The average cost for a trainer is £800 per day! 


The second option is for one of your team to download an individual course. They are significantly cheaper but they are usually not updated and anyone (with or without proper training can upload them. 

So is there a third option?

Introducing Metroun Learning for Business