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Before we even start, we’re going to do something that not may bloggers would do. We’re going to give you the answer straight away. No padding, no “stay until the end of the article”. Just the answer

Is it possible to become a become a quantity surveyor without a degree?

The answer is Yes.

Its very possible to become a Quantity Surveyor without a degree. And in this post, we will explain the steps to land the job and what you should expect once the job is yours. Please note, this video will focus on the UK route into Quantity Surveying.

Let’s start at the very beginning. You’re probably in your last year of college, you’re friends have decided what courses they are going to do in University and you are not really to sure what to do. Or you might already be in the workforce and just be interested in a new challenge, a change in your profession. You speak to a family member or find a very helpful YouTube channel talking about a profession you’ve never heard of before. A Quantity Surveyor. You do some research and discover its actually a really interesting job and the pay isn’t bad either. But its too late to apply for university and even then you might not even have the grades to get in.

So here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Its preferable that you should have at least two A Levels. So whilst you’re in college get them. If you’re not in college, don’t worry. This is not essential but preferable. It is still possible but may be a little tougher to get an interview.

Step 2: Look for a job. We’ve made this part a little easier for you. In your spare time why not type “Quantity Surveyor Apprenticeship Jobs” into Google.

Step 3: Create or update your CV. We’ve also made this a little easier for you too. We’ve created a free CV template you can use. Take a look at our video “Top Tips to Secure That Graduate Quantity Surveyor Job You’ve Been Studying For!” Here you will find useful information on how to update your CV and make you stand out from the crowd.

Step 4: Apply and await and interview opportunity. Once again, the video above will give you tips on what to expect and how to prepare for the interview.

Step 5: The job is yours. You’ve started your career as a Quantity Surveyor. You’ve got a long way to go but you’re on the ladder.

Now, what should you expect.

First of all, lets talk money. You should expect between £17,000 and £22,000 a year.

What will you be expected to do as an QS Apprentice?

You will be providing assistance in risk and value management, cost control, cost analysis, estimates and commercial management. I understand that doesn’t mean a lot right now but if you understand how to use a computer and you have a semi-good understanding of maths, you’ll soon pick it up in no time just like any other job.

Now this is where I may have been lying to you a little. Remember what the title says, “Is it possible to become a quantity surveyor without a degree?” The answer is still yes. We know a lot of commercial managers, senior QS’s and QS’s without a degree. But as an apprentice QS, you have willingly signed up for university through the company who hired you.

Unlike your friends who pay £9,000 a year whilst also taking out huge student loans, you will have your degree paid for by your employer. However, unlike your friends who spend their days comatosed from their hangover, you will be waking up Monday to Friday working.

So you’re probably wondering when you’ll have time to study? Great question. You’re company will give you one of the following scenarios;

1. Block weeks. This is where you spend a few weeks a year at the university doing exams or having lessons. The rest of the time will be studying from home.

2. A specific day a week out of work. Your uni day may be Wednesday for example. This means every Wednesday in term time, you will visit your university where you will have lessons or take exams. The rest of the time will be studying from home.

Also in your contract, it may be stipulated that you need to stay with the company for a set amount of years following the completion of your degree, or pay back all or a portion of the degree to your employer.

Although this route can be tough, it can be incredibly rewarding. You’re getting paid, gaining experience every day and even securing a totally free degree with a caveat.

If you need any support or advice, we offer a service just for that. Sadly this one isn’t free but is great value for professional advice tailored to you. Find it here: Professional Advice | Metroun Quantity Surveyors

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  1. Hi, can I studies from home in my own time.

    And how difficult is the exams is there many to do?

    Are they more them 50 questions.
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