AQS, QS, SQS & MQS – Roles & Responsibilities Explained

As with most professions, there are different levels attainable which are broadly based on competency and experience. Quantity Surveying is no different. In this article, we’re going to look at what the roles and responsibilities are of an Assistant Quantity Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor, Senior Quantity Surveyor and Managing Quantity Surveyor.

The roles at each level are going to vary a lot depending on the company you work for. This article defines the responsibilities of each role in the broadest terms.

Assistant Quantity Surveyor is often an entry-level position. They are usually responsible for supporting the work of more senior quantity surveyors. This may include tasks such as:

  • Gathering and organising cost data
  • Assisting with the preparation of cost estimates and budgets
  • Assisting with the assessment of supply chain accounts
  • Assisting with preparation of Application for Payments/ invoices
  • On-site measurement of work
  • Participating in meetings with contractors and suppliers

Quantity Surveyor is a more experienced position that is responsible for a wider range of tasks. In addition to the responsibilities of an assistant quantity surveyor, a quantity surveyor may be responsible for:

  • Preparing cost estimates, BoQs, budgets & prices
  • Negotiating contracts and agreements
  • Management of supply chain accounts
  • Preparation of Application for Payments/ invoices
  • Monitoring the financial performance of a project

Senior Quantity Surveyor is a more advanced position that typically involves a higher level of responsibility and autonomy. In addition to the responsibilities of a quantity surveyor, a senior quantity surveyor may be responsible for:

  • Managing a team of quantity surveyors,
  • Providing guidance and mentorship to junior staff,
  • Involvement in more complex commercial disputes relating to valuations, change management & final accounts
  • Representing the company in meetings with clients and other stakeholders

Managing Quantity Surveyor is the most senior position in the quantity surveying field. In addition to the responsibilities of a senior quantity surveyor, a managing quantity surveyor may be responsible for:

  • Setting the overall strategy and direction for the quantity surveying team
  • Managing the financial performance of all projects
  • Representing the company to external stakeholders

To summarize, the main differences between these four quantity surveyor positions are the level of experience, responsibility, and autonomy. Assistant quantity surveyors are entry-level positions that support more senior staff, while managing quantity surveyors are the most senior and are responsible for setting overall strategy and direction.

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