Utilising decades of experience, we have compiled the most used and useful documents that we feel you’d need as a Quantity Surveyor. These templates are updated periodically to ensure they are up to date and correct.  


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Bill of Quantities

A bill of quantities (BOQ or BQ) is a document used in the construction industry to itemize the materials, labor, and services required to complete a project. It is typically prepared by a quantity surveyor or cost consultant, and is used by contractors to price their bids for the project. The Advanced Bill of Quantities (BoQ) Template is a comprehensive tool designed for construction professionals, project managers, and cost estimators. This meticulously crafted template facilitates the detailed listing of materials, labor, and other costs associated with a construction project. Key Features: Easy-to-Use Format: Intuitively structured in a user-friendly spreadsheet format, compatible with popular software like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Customizable Sections: Includes customizable sections for material descriptions, unit measurements, quantities, unit prices, and total costs, ensuring adaptability to various project needs. Get this item free when you sign up for Metroun Learning.


Take-Off DIM Paper

One of the first skills you’re introduced to when studying Quantity Surveying is how to perform a construction takeoff; but it's pretty impossible to find a free template. Well, we want to change that!


Final Account Form

In construction contracts, a final account is an agreed statement concerning the amount of money to be paid at the end of a building contract by the employer to the contractor

Accrual Sheet

An accrual is an assessment on the value of work carried out to the end of a period (Usually Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly) minus the amount which has been invoiced. Emphasis is placed on value, because sometimes confusion is held on the difference between value and cost.

Early Warning Template

The Early Warning ensures the “spirit of mutual trust and co-operation” is upheld during the lifecycle of a construction project as required by Clause 10.1.   The process is simple. As stated in NEC3: Clause 16.1 or NEC4: Clause 15.1   “The Contractor and the Project Manager give an early warning by notifying the other as soon as either becomes aware of any matter which could:   · Increase the total of the Prices, · Delay Completion, · Delay meeting a Key Date or · Impair the performance of the works in use”

Compensation Event Template

Very broadly, compensation events tend to be those events that impact on the completion date, but are not the contractor’s fault. This template will ensure you recover the costs that rightfully belong to your business. Fully NEC compliant.