An early warning notice (EWN) in relation to quantity surveying is a formal communication tool used in construction projects to identify potential issues, risks, or changes that may impact the project’s scope, cost, or schedule. The purpose of an EWN is to promote proactive problem-solving and collaboration between project stakeholders, including the client, contractor, and quantity surveyor, by highlighting potential challenges before they escalate into significant problems.

In the context of quantity surveying, an early warning notice may address various issues, such as:

  1. Design changes: Modifications in project design or specifications that may impact the project’s cost or timeline.
  2. Resource constraints: Shortages or delays in the availability of materials, labour, or equipment.
  3. Compliance issues: Potential non-compliance with building codes, regulations, or contract requirements.
  4. Budget overruns: Possible cost overruns that may require adjustments in project scope or budget.
  5. Schedule delays: Factors that may impact the project’s timeline, such as adverse weather conditions or unforeseen site conditions.

When an EWN is issued, project stakeholders should collaborate to assess the potential impact of the identified issue, evaluate possible solutions, and implement appropriate measures to mitigate the risk. Early warning notices help facilitate effective communication, foster a proactive approach to risk management, and ultimately contribute to a smoother project execution.